Grandma Betty

There’s an Instagramgrandma betty page I have followed for quite a while now, GrandmaBetty33. Grandma Betty’s family shared pictures, snipets of life and thoughts of their precious grandma. Cancer was slowly invading but it didn’t stop Grandma Betty from smiling, being silly and from sharing her wisdom. Grandma Betty’s granddaughter, Hope, was her primary caretaker, gently and lovingly making sure Grandma was comfortable and nurtured. Through Grandma Betty’s fight with cancer, she remained a big character, amassing a huge following on Instagram for her peace signs, hats, blue tongue and dancing.

Grandma Betty lost her battle with cancer on August 2nd. At the age of 80, though, some might say that cancer lost it’s battle with Betty. She lived a long life and spent the last months of her life impacting people. People who have lost their grandparents or who’s grandparents live faraway. People who knew that the light that shined from Grandma’s eyes and spirit was a rare and valuable thing to witness. People who, like her granddaughter, Hope, had spent time care taking for people that they loved.

Grandma Betty gave love to all, laughter to many and a tender, graceful understanding to all who were willing to go on the journey with her, of what it is like to walk through the final months of your life.  It is not clean or pain free. It is not all hearts and roses and Lifetime movie-ish. It is heartbreaking for those who love you and yet they would choose to be nowhere else but by your side.

To the family of Grandma Betty, thank you for sharing your precious grandma with the world, and  may you find peace and comfort in your memories of your sweet Grandma Betty.

“Love everybody and be good to everybody. That’s the main thing.”  ~Grandma Betty


2 thoughts on “Grandma Betty

    • I thought about you, Shelly, when I wrote this. The way Hope took care of her Grandma reminded me very much of how you took care of your sweet momma. ❤


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