Work, Work, Work, All I Do is Work

My post today can’t be 1500 words. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I have only about 15 minutes until I need to get ready for work. I can’t write an epic novel every day, ya know? I should probably be getting ready now, but I was talking to a client this week about my blog and she asked how often I post. I told her that I try to post daily and she told me how happy she was to hear that because she gets so annoyed when some of the blogs that she follows don’t post regularly. This post is just for you. You’ll know who you are when you read it 🙂

I have had a career as a hairstylist for 23ish years now and have owned my salon for over 13 years. I consider myself very fortunate to have my job, because most days it doesn’t feel much like work. When you get the right group of stylists working together and you add in some awesome clients, the day just feels like a big progressive party, going from one conversation to another with people who really become an extension of your family. They are your salon family.

I have some clients that I’ve known for 18-19 years. Longer than I’ve known my daughter, Skyler! When you know people for this long, you become invested in what’s happening with their lives, and you grow up with them. I’ve been through happy occasions like the birth of a relationship, marriage, baby. Graduations, home purchases, vacations, grandchildren. And then there are the tough times like divorces, illnesses, surgeries, car accidents, deaths, addictions.  Think of every life experience that you have had, and that your friends hquotes4ave had, and I’ve likely walked through those experiences with my salon family.

Like every family, there’s bound to be a crazy cousin that shows up sometime, who’s a cutter. She promises not to do it, but she cuts her bangs EVERY. TIME. and then calls in a crisis asking forgiveness and can you please fix them. There’s the cousin that for whatever reason, just can’t seem to show up for their scheduled appointment and there’s the cousin that brings you a ziplock bag full of their pubic hair, asking you to match the head on their hair to the sample in the bag. Yes. This has actually happened to me. Fun story for another day. But I love these family members too because they add to the texture of the day, and often are the inspiration of the best stories!

I feel so fortunate that I have clients that trust me with personal- sometimes VERY personal- information, who share their hopes, dreams, worries and often wine with me. Who know that they can ask me to travel to Hawaii or San Diego to do their hair for their weddings, or can ask me to pray for them. I love that I have a job where I can talk with people all day long. About important things and about silly things. Hopefully brightening days, like mine gets brightened. Inspiring like I get inspired. Teaching something new like I learn new things.  Making people laugh, like they make me laugh.

I love the challenge of helping people be more of who they already are.

Oh, and hopefully they leave looking better than when they came in too. I guess that’s part of it too!



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