Test Anxiety


This photo was only partially staged.

I woke up to a dog licking my face this morning. Everyone’s favorite way to wake up, I know.  He was actually about 10 minutes behind schedule, but that didn’t derail his usual routine of kissing me and then hitting me in the face with his paw, making sure that I knew it was time to get him a cookie. Now.

I also woke up with my stomach blessedly flatter than when I went to bed. A month of remodeling projects has taken a tole on my usually healthy eating. I have been eating whatever the hell is set in front of me. Gluten, dairy and all. And don’t forget the wine- although I still consider that health food. Because I seem to have misplaced my kitchen, I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking, which means that I haven’t had any Re-Runs to bring to work with me, which means that lunch is done on the fly.

When you are working a ten hour day without a scheduled lunch, like yesterday was, it is hard enough to look cute in your high heels when inside, you are dying of starvation and you have to go pee, and at the same time, make a rational, healthy food choice. It’s not like I have time to run to the store and whip something up in the kitchen at work. It’s a plea of desperation that gets someone to go get me food. I have to keep it simple for them, right? What is more simple than curly fries? Yes I did. And I ate an onion ring too. Just one. It’s not that I had this incredible self control. It’s just that they were cold when I finally got to them and cold onion rings are just a disappointment.

I have so far abstained from drinking beer or soda, so I do still have a shred of self control left, but it’s a slippery slope and my body is begging for a reprieve from all of the sodium, fried crap it’s been getting. My stomach has felt more sick than healthy and I know it’s all due to my fabulous diet. It’s a wonder that I haven’t broken out in a face full of acne. It is time to get it together, people. Drink more water. Eat some damn vegetables. And fried vegetables don’t count!

ANYwho.  The other day, I told you about the personality test that I took. It was interesting,  and you can take it for free right here. If you are honest in your answers, the test is startling accurate and gives you affirmation that all of those traits that people don’t like in you are really just in your DNA, a part of who you are, so they either need to embrace your genetic defects or move along.  I know that sounds harsh, but I am an ENTJ and we deal more in facts than fiction emotion. My sarcasm is also a genetic defect, so find a way to deal.

I challenge you to take the test and post in the comments about your results and a favorite line or two from the analysis. I had many lines in mine that made me laugh, but by far, my favorite is: “The underlying thought running through the ENTJ mind might be something like “I don’t care if you call me an insensitive b*tch, as long as I remain an efficient b*tch”.  Hysterical. And possibly true.

A friend once came to the salon to do a training session with our salon team and gave out the personality test that labels people by color, (red, blue, green, yellow). We all took the test, and before he told us what our results were, he did a skit of each color type and we guessed, by his skit, who on staff was that color. We were right 100%Personality-Test-personality-test-18848733-560-393 of the time. We were talking afterwards and joking about how Reds are just heartless and he said, “It’s not that you don’t care, Shawn, it’s that you care less.” Wow.  He did follow that up by telling me that while reds don’t get their panties all up in a wad about day-to-day stuff, when we do have a cause we care about, we care about it ferociously. See. I DO have feelings. I just don’t get all out of control about them. You can take that test here, but note that when I did it, the blue and green colors were switched. Blues were the feelers and greens were the analyzers/organizers.

I Tweeted that “b*tch’ line yesterday and woke up this morning with a comment from Socionics, encouraging me to take their test. I did, and got a result of SLE, Sensing, Locical, Extrovert. The fun with this test is that you can create a ‘Team’ and have everyone take the test and see where people sit on your team. If you are reading this, you can join the team I created. It’s called 86,400 Seconds, so you can take the test and then search for the team and join. It’ll be a fun social experiment to see where we all sit.

Here’s another fun test to take, but you have to make your loved ones take this one too. The Five Love Languages, is really,  just another personality test, (in fact you can take it here). My dominant Love Language is Acts of Service which, really, I already knew, before taking the test. Don’t buy me gifts, don’t get mushy with words. Want to win my heart? Do something for me. Well, actually gifts and mushy words are okay, they are just not my primary preference.

Being a ENTJ, Red, SLE, Acts of Service type of person, I think that it’s interesting to take tests like this, and funny when you see yourself spelled out in black or white, but the true value is not in reading about yourself. You already know yourself. The real value is in knowing what the people surrounding you are. If I know you are a sensitive Blue, for example, I might ask you how you are doing more often, because Blues like to know that they are cared about. I also might be more careful in using my sarcasm on you, but probably not!

So, put your anxiety aside, get a fresh cup of coffee (or glass of wine) and test away. Then let us know what you are!




2 thoughts on “Test Anxiety

    • “Few personality types are as colorful and charming as ISFPs. Known for their kindness and artistic skills, ISFPs are great at finding exciting new things to explore and experience. ISFPs’ creativity and down-to-earth attitude are invaluable in many areas, including their own personal growth.”
      This sounds exactly like you, Shelly!


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