Lazy Days of Summer

Today was the first morning since before starting the remodel at the salon, that I have been able to sleep in until I naturally woke up and once, upon waking, that I can just lounge, without having to rush and get ready to go do something. Hallelujah. Since Fourth of July, it’s been company, moving the salon into a POD, painting the salon, getting ready for camping, camping, hosting kids from Peru and India, putting the salon back together, working, driving to Pullman and then Sandpoint, and then back to Pullman, then to Portland, then working all week. The lazy days of summer? Yeah. Not happening at my house. We just do a different kind of busy in the summer. The kind that doesn’t require nagging about homework or driving kids to school. The kind that doesn’t make me wish I were having a kidney removed.

Unfortunately, the day is going to be a busy one, although the start is deceptively relaxing. The challenge is, when you have been crazy with things that must be done, once you get your first full day off that you can do ANYTHING with, it’s difficult to decide what ONE thing you are going to do.  Lord knows I have a list of pending projects: laundry, putting camping stuff away, cleaning the garage, cleaning out the attic, tackling my desk, putting the finishing touches on the salon. And on and on.

I’ve had actually had this weekend’s activities planned since the end of the school year. I was going to use it to paint and update Lizzie’s room for her. She inherited Skyler’s pink room, and Lizzie is not a pink girl. At all. Now, she’s nearly 15 and I’m pretty sure that the pink is driving her nuts, although she’s been good not to say anything about it. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been looking for things to update her room with, thinking that when she was at camp and at my sister’s for a couple of weeks, I’d surprise her with a fresh room. Now that the time is here, and I’ve just spent hours upon hours painting at the salon (you can see before’s and after’s of the salon here), I am not nearly as enthusiastic. Like, actually dreading it.

How much more enjoyable to lay in the sun, sipping a refreshing drink and reading a mindless book, or heading to the fair for some mindless entertainment. You know, the kinds of things that lazy summers are made of. The only problem I keep running into is that this is literally my only weekend until September that is not scheduled with some other obligation, so it is the weekend that I scheduled the room makeover.

Yes, I could wait and do the room in September, but how much easier to do it while Lizzie isn’t home, needing a place to sleep, or buried up to her eyeballs in homework and school projects. So, the room it is, unless someone can tell me why it is more important to go see the cows and pigs and eat a corn dog. Or until someone tells me that my tan from camping is fading. Or until someone hands me a blended drink with an umbrella.

If I don’t post a before and after picture within the next few days, you will know that I found the lazy days of summer, and that Lizzie still has a pink room.


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