The Wanderer

Skyler is off in Texas, hanging out with her two college friends, so we only got to see her face via Skype on the Fourth of July. It’s so fun to watch her go off on her adventures, seeing her experience new things and new people. It only sucks that she leaves her mother behind to live vicariously through her text and Twitter updates. Poor me, my daughter went to Texas and all I got was this lousy T-shirt. Wah!


The other day they went to Schlitterbahn, in San Antonio, where they had tons of fun in the water and went down really tall water slides, even though she was nervous. She lost her sunglasses, and nearly lost her swimsuit bottoms on the slide, but she had a blast. Then, a couple of days later, she and her friends got all cute and headed out to do some country dancing and had the time of their lives. Skyler had no clue how to do the two-step or how to line dance, but I love that those small little details didn’t stop her from jumping right in and giving it a try. She danced her cowboy boots off, saying yes to every person who asked her, whether they were 60 or 16. Tonight, she was off to her first rodeo, and I can’t wait to hear how it went.


One of the things I admire so much about her is her willingness to experience new things and go on adventures, even if she is nervous about them. The thing is, though, that it is becaSkyler in Indiause of saying yes to the unknown and to adventure, that her life is filled with rich and colorful stories, even though she is only 18.

She’s traveled to India with a near stranger to work with orphans, and ended up staying with a wealthy Indian family who took her to exclusive night clubs and country clubs, allowing her to see both the richest and poorest people of India in one trip. She’s gone on long country drives, letting herself get lost, just so she can see if she can find her way back. She jumped at the chance to go to Michigan to work at a camp for kids in michigantripfoster care, even though she didn’t know anyone there. She ended up meeting some great teenagers and had countless adventures with them. She also became friends with the sons of one of my friends who got her closer to a real cow than she had ever been before and probably closer than she ever wants to be again. She did an impromptu trip to Montana with some college friends that got them lost on a back road in the middle of nowhere, with just moose to keep them company. Her bucket list is long, but the things she has already crossed off of it are plentiful.

She looks for adventure in every opportunity presented and I think that’s how God intended our lives to be. He created a world full of wonder and beauty and filled it with amazing animals and people. I don’t think He’d go through the work of speaking it all into being and then hope that we sat, safe, on our sofas or in our backyards, not experiencing any of it.

I love adventure, but it’s easy to get side tracked by the socially acceptable norms and the day-to-day tasks that keep me busy. Watching Skyler, so easily say yes to something new, inspires me to do the same, although my adventure is going to have to wait until the remodeling at the salon is finished. That is going to have my undivided attention for a couple of weeks. After that though, I’m finishing off this summer off with some escapades!




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