Taking A Holiday

The Universe just told me to be lazy.

I was all inspired to do some physical labor (really, it was just out of necessity, don’t let me fool you) and clean my carpet. I get the carpet cleaning machine out, which really just means that I pulled it out of the other room, where I shoved it after cleaning the carpets last time. After all, do as I say, not as I do. Put your crap away and watch me leave mine all over the place, although I don’t feel like I should have sole ownership of the carpet cleaner, even if I am the only one who uses it. AnyWHO. I pull it out, fill it up, pre-treat the carpets and then drag the carpet cleaner down the hallway to get those carpets cleaned and BAM. The carpet cleaner is not working.

Yes. It IS plugged in. I checked, because the last time I had a problem with my carpet cleaner, it wouldn’t turn on and a quick Google search suggested checking if it was plugged in, which it was, but just barely as it was loosely hanging out of the outlet.

Yes. The dirty water tank lid is on correctly. I checked that too, because the first time I had a problem with the carpet cleaner, I Googled and that was the suggestion that fixed the problem.

After my first two quick fixes failed to produce results, I went back to Google and tried all three suggestions that were offered up, all to no avail. It turns on, and it sucks and spins, but the cleaner won’t come out of the machine. mowing the lawn

As a final last resort, it was suggested that I take the whole thing apart, re-clean it and start from scratch and see if that clears up the problem, but really? Cleaning the carpet cleaner before I clean the carpet is not on my list of things to-do for the day, so I think I’ll just give up on being productive today. Instead, I’ll just sit here drinking coffee, wondering what I’m going to eat today and watch my husband mow the lawn. At least ONE of us is squeezing in some physical labor.

I’m not going to feel guilty about this though. And I’ll tell you why. First, it’s a national holiday. If bankers can have the day off, why can’t I? If I need to go throw on some red, white & blue to convince you I’m celebrating, I will, but I’m not really sure I have all three of those colors of laundry clean. And the Universe doesn’t want me working today so I can’t wash clothes. Second, I’m still drinking coffee; I haven’t switched to wine yet, so I think that proves that I am a respectable person that deserves to take a day off. It’s not that I am not planning on drinking wine today, but I haven’t started yet. It’s still early.

Wait, my husband just turned off the lawn mower. I have to go look busy.


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