Big Love

My kids would all tell you that they’ve been displaced as the objects of our love and devotion. They would be correct, for the most part.

2014-02-19 13.52.33

Adorable Edith

Ever since the sweet little Ernie & Edith have joined our household, we’ve really only eyes for them. Ernie & Edith are mini Yorkies, weighing in at a hefty 5 and 6lbs respectively. Ernie is Skyler’s dog and Edith is Lizzie’s dog, making the dogs our granddogs. They have more toys than a toy store and a fairly impressive wardrobe as well. They eat grain-free, organic food, have three different kinds of treats and get first choice of any fruit or veggies chopped in our kitchen.  They sleep in our bed, often under the covers and plastered to my side, preventing me from changing positions without disturbing them, so I don’t change positions. When we are away from home for an extended amount of time, we are both excited about coming home to see the “little dogs”.

Some would think we are ridiculous. Some might be right, but, imagine, for a second, what it was like when your kids were, say, three years old. For some of you, this was so long ago that it’s difficult to remember, for others, you are living the dream right now, (Hang on! It gets easier!). Still others have no kids, so you will need to just follow along.

When your kids are three, you are the center of their universe. They have figured out that they can make things happen, but for the most part, life still revolves around you. They love to snuggle, love to play and come to you when they’re hurt. When you come home from work, they are waiting for you at the door, more excited than if it were Christmas morning. The crowd goes crazy! You are the bomb dot com!

Then your kids grow up. They quit being excited when you come home, in fact, they might go hide when you get home, so you can’t ask them about the ‘homework situation’. Your kids come and find you when they realize they need something. Users. Then, Lord forbid if you don’t actually give them what they want, then you are completely worthless. Gone are the days when you coming home is like a rock star taking the stage. This is when you go and get yourself a little dog.

2014-02-26 08.13.57

President of the Handsome Man’s Club: Ernie

The little dog will do everything the kid USED to do, without the homework or science fair obligations. It is perfectly delicious. The unconditional love that our little dogs lavish on us in a day is enough to last a soul for a week. Who needs kids when you have dogs?

When I was driving home from Pullman, after getting my daughter’s apartment set up, I was thinking about how exciting it was going to be to be greeted by our granddogs. It got me thinking about how I sometimes treat God like I’m a disinterested teenager. I can go days without thinking about God or without thanking God, but the second I want something, I am on the horn and impatiently waiting for an answer to my needs. I’m sure God gets annoyed with me, after all, I get annoyed at my kids when they do this to me.  How much closer would my relationship be with God if I greeted him with a wet, sloppy kiss every day?




3 thoughts on “Big Love

  1. I am loving your blog! I read several, and i’m so glad you are writing. I look forward to following you if I can figure out how on my phone. Your observations are timely, wise and humorous. I agree with you on the Bowe Bergdold situation. By the way, if your Person is ever unavailable, I would be honored to be your Stand-in Person. I know I’m older, but I am still a Good Person.


  2. I am glad you are enjoying the blog! So far, you are the first commenter, so I appreciate the feedback. There is a free WordPress App for phones, and I would assume that this would make following blogs on your phone easier, although, honestly, I haven’t put it on my phone (yet).
    Great news, there is no age requirements to being a person’s Person, so this means you are fully qualified to substitute for that position 🙂 You should be careful what you ask for, however. It can be a full-time job with very few benefits, lol

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